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Lina Agustinningrum

November 17th, 2017

The word ‘Titian’ means a bridge and it has truly become the bridge to my dreams, from my junior high school to finally graduating from university.

Titian not only gave a scholarship so that I can extend my education academically, but also character building. I learned about courtesies, ethics, and manners.

And another great thing about Titian is making a teenager like me dare to dream big. Titian opened my eyes, I learned that ‘nothing is impossible’, if we work hard, and believe with utmost determination. I also became more courageous in expressing opinions and speaking in public, easily adaptable to new environments and people.

Through the Titian Foundation network, I have now secured a job in one of the banks in Yogyakarta. Thank you, Titian Foundation, for being the bridge for me and other Bayat children’s dreams