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Cultural Art Festival at Titian Foundation CLC Bayat

December 23rd, 2017

For the second time, CLC Titian, Bayat, hosted a Cultural Art Festival. This year, the event took place on December 21st until 23rd, 2017.

This Cultural Art Festival is not only a means to introduce CLC’s activities and programmes for the newbies but also to embrace and to get closer to the surrounding community.

Among the competitions held were the drawing of batik design and coloring the traditional house and clothes of Central Java for Elementary School-aged children. For older Secondary School children, we organized a writing competition with a theme “Preserving Local Culture” as well as Macapat, the Javanese art of singing and poetry.

Elementary School children are very enthusiastic about Drawing and Coloring competitions. CLC Bayat was besieged by children on that day. There were at least 51 children participating in the batik drawing competition and about 100 children joined the coloring contest.

Overall, the event was run like a festival and closed with an announcement of the winners for each competition as well as a variety of performances: macapat, dance and music. Guest visitors were served snacks made by microfinance programme members. (ARN)