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A Bucketful of Motivation from Mr. Omair

February 16th, 2019

Everyone’s number one question: What’s the key to success? The answer comes from values we consider to be from a bygone era: continuous learning, keep on trying and work hard. There is also one more ingredient to make our success ‘wholesome’, that is to give back. These values were often repeated by Mr. Omair Ansari, a New York based top executive from Morgan Stanley when speaking with our Scholarship Programme beneficiaries at Titian Foundation’s Tangerang Selatan (Tangsel) CLC.

Mr. Omair deliberately made an attempt to use his limited spare time for something good and the effect was certainly enlightening for our Scholarship recipients. His down-to-earth, good natured disposition was an instant hit with both our Scholarship recipients and regular child visitors alike. The session was set alight when our students were able to talk about anything they wanted whilst at the same time practicing their English. They also did hilarious dancing moves from popular local video clips as a way of ice-breaking and played guessing games with smaller children. The feedback from some of our Scholarship recipients below says it all.

“I’m fascinated with Mr. Omair because he’s very nice even in his first meeting with new people. I also did not expect to be able to communicate directly with somebody important like him. After sharing with Mr. Omair, I became more eager to learn English so I can be more fluent. In addition, from that sharing I learned that we should never judge people only from the side we see, but also consider other sides as well so that we have the right perception about that person. In addition, we must learn and work hard to achieve our dreams.” – Firda, Scholarship recipient from Gen 2.

“Mr. Omair was spot-on when answering questions, with all his generosity. I am very happy that I met him because of the motivation and inspiration I received. I now have a bettering understanding about how to become a successful person and he emphasized to not give up too soon when facing obstacles. Thank you, Mr. Omair for sharing your life experience, I will rise up from my situation and do better. I hope Mr. Omair will be able to visit us again on another occasion.” – Syammas, Scholarship recipient from Gen 2.

“Mr. Omair is nice, friendly, easy to get acquainted with, and also exciting. He knows and can talk about any topic, maybe because of his many experiences. In addition, he did not hesitate when giving advice to us. What is best is that I got a lot of motivation from him. His message emphasizes the benefits of working hard, learning, and to keep on trying as keys to his success. I hope to be able to meet him again and be as successful as he is.” – Ristiani, Scholarship recipient from Gen 1.

“He is very kind. He likes to help people, is patient and wants to listen to us even when we speak broken English. I salute him because he is not arrogant and is very friendly. He never makes us feel small despite all of his knowledge. I would even place him as one of my role models. He has really inspired me. The motivation that I got from him was to remain to be myself but still useful for others. Don’t hesitate to help others. Not to forget where we came from. Always work hard and dare to try new things and certainly not be arrogant and easily complacent. Thank you, Mr. Omair, for all the motivation and inspiration you gave us. Please don’t forget us here. Keep doing your best. Don’t ever be sad and smile.” – Zahra, Scholarship recipient from Gen 1.

As Mr. Omair shared more and more of his life experience, the more it elevated student’s desire to change for the better. We hope more volunteers want to share positive things in Titian Tangsel, so that the knowledge of students and children in Titian’s Tangsel neighborhood is broader. (KA)