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Computer Donation Helps Lombok National Exam

July 9th, 2019

Now that we are entering into the disaster recovery period after the Lombok earthquake last year, Titian Foundation (Titian) is always ready to channel any assistance to help ease the burdens of the Lombok people, especially in maters relating to education. Ahead of preparations for the junior high school’s computer-based national exams (UNBK) which were scheduled for April 22nd -25th, there were still many schools that needed computers so that students could confidently go through this very important stage in their education. One of them was the Junior High School of SMPN 1 Pemenang in Pemenang Subdistrict, North Lombok.

In early March 2019, a total of 31 computers were sent from CLC Titian Kaliurang to help assist the needs of the students in Lombok. Two national companies, PT Trias Sentosa, Tbk and PT ALP Petro Industry donated a number of used but well-functioning computers that were still more than adequate for Titian’s activities. A total of 20 computers were handed over to SMPN 1 Pemenang with the rest sent to CLC Titian which situated at SMPN 2 Pemenang in Pemenang Subdistrict, North Lombok. Preparation and installation of these computers was swiftly underway. This included a test run of the installation and computer system so that the school would be ready for the UNBK rehearsal held on 18th and 19th March. All went off without a hitch.

Towards the D-day of UNBK, up to seven computers were prepared as backups in case there were any issues with the main computers used for the national exam. On the UNBK-day, everything went smoothly and there were no issues at all. SMPN 1 Pemenang, represented by school Principal, Ibu Khaeriah, S.Pd. thanked the donors for facilitating the school’s teaching and learning activities. After UNBK, the computers will be moved to their computer lab as a learning resource for students and teachers so that they can all be more literate in ICT – Information and Telecommunications Technology. (GP)

Sending-Off for the Part of the Journey

June 29th, 2019

With much happiness and pride on Saturday, June 29th Titian Foundation released 72 students from Generation 9 of its Scholarship Programme. The celebration took place at the SMKN 1 ROTA vocational school in Bayat, between 9 am and 1 pm.

The send-off is an annual event celebrating students’ achievements in graduating high school as beneficiaries of Titian Foundation Scholarship Programme.

The audience was fired up when Prof. Dr. Ningrum Natasya Sirait, SH., M.Li, took the stage. Ibu Ningrum reminded students that when a feeling of inadequacy crosses our minds, we have to exert extra effort and have faith that we can achieve whatever we hope to achieve and do not succumb to negative feelings.

The cutting off the top of a nasi tumpeng (cone-shaped yellow rice) as the celebratory symbol was carried out by Titian’s Chairperson, Ibu Roosniati Salihin. CEO and Founder, Ibu Lily Kasoem, then handed a portion of nasi tumpeng to Yusinta, as representative of Generation 9, a symbol of congratulations and in order to wish the beneficiaries well on the next part of their journey.

Representing Generation 9, Wahyu Guntur, student of SMAN 2 Klaten, and May Kristina, student of SMAN 1 Cawas, expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to be the recipients of the Titian Scholarship which includes receiving three years mentorship. Mentoring builds greater confidence, broader insights, and skills to face difficult challenges and conditions. Before their closing remarks, they urged their fellow Titianers (Titian Scholarship recipients) to keep their spirits high in achieving their dreams, both for those who will pursue higher education and those who opt for taking a plunge into the world of work after they graduate. Either way, the Titian chant still echoes in their hearts “Titianers, keep the spirit of achieving your dreams.” (FD)

Bullying Among Elementary School Students

June 18th, 2019

Do you know what bullying is?
Have you seen a friend being bullied?
Have you ever bullied a school mate?
The answers from students to these questions is often “Yes”

Living in the tourist district means more job opportunities which often results in both parents working. Though their level of income may be well above average, the downside is that young children, are left unattended at home after school or supervised by their grandparents. Ironically, the increase in the standard of living leads to less attention and structure for the children. The result can be either to make them more independent and resourceful or in the worst case, a bully.

Ibu Indri Ashari Oktaviani, Secretary of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) for Yogyakarta, held a talk with 46 soon-to-be Grade 5 students from elementary schools near CLC Titian Kaliurang on June 18th, 2019.

The delinquencies range from physical, verbal and cyber-attacks, to indecent misdemeanor by boys to girls. The stories can make an adult’s heart palpitate when hearing these students’ innocent blurts. It can also raise alarm bells about how serious this issue can be and alerts us to take awareness about bullying up a notch.

Ibu Indri showed a number of videos to the students and then asked them whether they understood the messages as well as relating what they had seen in the videos to their everyday lives. This includes understanding the implications on the victims and the legal consequences for the perpetrators.