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Programmes: Bayat School Projects

Titian foundation was formed in response to the 2006 Central Java earthquake where we rebuild three schools that were destroyed in a remote village of Bayat.

Bayat School Projects

The 2006 Earthquake and Titian’s Formation

Only two years after the terrible tsunami that rocked the eastern coast of Indonesia, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the heart of the country in Central Java province and took the lives of 5,000 people in the area. The earthquake wounded a further 9,000 people and displaced over 100,000 people, 60,000 homes were destroyed. Titian foundation was formed in response to this disaster and we worked hard to rebuild three schools that were destroyed in a remote village called Bayat.

Building It Better with Partners

Bayat School Projects Facilities

Thanks to incredibly generous contributions from our partners; German personal care products company Beiersdorf, independent equity brokers and financial-services group CLSA, and Qatar Foundation’s Reach Out To Asia (ROTA), and the Soroptimists International of Jakarta, who collectively funded to build the kindergarten, primary and secondary school; we were able to rebuild the schools in one compound and improve the overall quality of the schools’ equipment and facilities. Significant upgrades to the schools facilities include environmentally-friendly classrooms, a large library, a sports hall, an art pavilion, internet facilities, a computer laboratory, a language laboratory and an open-air playground.

Continued Support

Although we have formally handed management of the schools to the government of Central Java, we continue to be involved with supporting the schools with management advice for day-to-day operations. Two notable contributions we made to the schools after the handover was to set up a Parent Teachers Association within the school, and establish a public Community Learning Centre CLC located inside the school premises. We continue, with the help of our partners, to provide the CLC with books and other equipment

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