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Programmes: Community Learning Centres (CLCs)

We currently manage six Community Learning Centres (CLCs) in four villages across Indonesia. We see CLC’s as an important hub and place for members of the community to learn new skills and pass on traditional skills and knowledge to others in order to preserve them for future generations.

Community Development Programme

Our CLCs play many important roles in the lesser developed communities in which they are located in, our CLC’s are sometimes the only thing the community has in the form of an open public community library, other times they act as a place to conduct workshops and educational programmes that may benefit the community as a whole.

Three of our CLC’s are located in the village of Bayat, one in the public school that we helped rebuild after a terrible earthquake struck the area in 2006, another in the new vocational school that we helped build from scratch in 2009 in Bayat and the third at the Titian Office at Paseban.

Going forward, we wish to further expand the development of CLC’s in less developed communities by building more, and by increasing the facilities/resources of CLC’s we have already established. There are hundreds of underdeveloped villages and communities in Indonesia and we are actively seeking more partners interested in joining us as we strive to increase our efforts in this area.

CLC Titian Bayat (Paseban)

CLC PasebanThis is our newest CLC and was inaugurated as part of the new Titian office on 27 June 2013. It has quickly become popular with local children and adults alike, as well as being a resource for our scholarship students attending schools nearby.

Classes provided include sewing, cooking and basic and advanced use of computers as well as traditional dance and music. It’s not unusual to see children reading by themselves or playing educational games together.


We developed this CLC as we were building the Bayat school, and it is therefore inside the school compound. Those who use it are mainly school-age children from surrounding villages. They are utilizing the centre for after school activities. These children are eligible to access the library facilities and attend regular activities such as: story-telling sessions, mind exercise games, writing competitions as well as having access to the rich collection of books and toys. The children also enjoy the use of computers with access to the internet.

Titian Foundation is slowly persuading the older members of the community to use the centre for their community activities – especially those which enable them to enhance their skills and knowledge.


Despite its proximity to Bayat CLC, SMKN 1 ROTA CLC was established in a similar way to Bayat CLC as an enhancement of school library inside the compound. This is based on Titian Foundation’s mission to provide learning and education facilities to a wider range of beneficiaries. The CLC building was completed by the time the school construction was completed in June 2009.

Open to the public, this CLC houses a large collection of books on life skills and business and makes it available to older members of the community. The CLC also comes equipped with audio visual equipment and eight computers connected to the internet. It is hoped that the community will utilize the computers for internet research, on-line marketing, job searching and career development.

CLC Gemawang

CLC GemawangMembers of the community of a village called Gemawang in the regency of Semarang, Central Java welcomed the idea of building a CLC with open arms. Enthusiastic support from the village chief allowed us to build a large integrated Community Learning Centre on a 2,000 square meter plot of land. The CLC has three separate blocks. There is are two classrooms, a joglo that serves as a multi purpose gathering place, a computer lab and a building at the front that serves as a commercial gallery to sell and promote various products made by local businesses. A separate building across the road houses a library. The cost of this centre was around IDR 1.2 billion including furniture, books, computers and a sustainability programme that is still supported by Titian Foundation after the handover to the local government.

CLC Padang

CLC PadangWhen a strong earthquake struck West Sumatera in October 2009, it was forceful enough to destroy or seriously damage buildings. 18 schools in the Patamuan District was hardest hit with 18 schools damaged, leaving around 2,500 students studying in temporary facilities.

The CLC, that has three main activity centres, is now fully-operational due to a partnership with local communities, led by a Wali Nagari, and the school. Various programmes have been introduced, such as a competition for kids, courses, the supply of a new collection of books and audio-visual materials, socialization and book reading.

CLC Cigalontang

In 2009 we helped rebuild eleven houses that were swept away by a terrible landslide that struck the small village of Cigalontang in Tasikmalaya. As part of the same scheme, and as a follow on programme, we developed a Community Learning Centre in the village.

Equipped with five computers, a library, as well as audio-visual equipment for community learning; around 40 people, mostly elementary school students, visit the CLC every day. A computer course is also conducted here for students of the nearby elementary and junior high schools.

CLC Tangerang Selatan

CLC Tangerang SelatanTitian has always been eager to replicate the success of Bayat Scholarship Programme to other underprivilege areas. After surveying to some schools and villages in Central and West Java, turns out there is still a substantial need for Scholarship in area not far from Jakarta, which is Tangerang Selatan (Tangsel). Hence, Titian Foundation open a new CLC in Tangsel in 2017. A rented house has been turned into a CLC, which also serves as a Titian branch office in Greater Jakarta. The setup of this CLC is supported by CLSA Charmain’s Trust and Soroptimist International of Jakarta.

Aside from Scholarship Programme, this CLC offers other periodical programmes that are open for community such as Music, English Mastery, Computer, Sewing and Tie-dye.

CLC Kaliurang

CLC KaliurangIn 2018, Titian newest CLC is open for public. Located at Kilometer 24 of Jalan Kaliurang, just a couple of minutes’ drives from the portal marking the entrance to tourist sector of Kaliurang.

CLC Kaliurang is equipped with Library and also Computer Lab. There is also a big room for training purposes that can accommodate 40 persons with classroom setting.

CLC Pemenang

CLC PemenangLocated at a junior high school of SMPN 2 Pemenang, in the Pemenang subdistrict of North Lombok regency is Titian newest CLC. A moderate sized room at the school became the new activity center for Titian programmes such as Scholarship and Community Development (Comdev) in North Lombok. This modest Community Learning Centre (CLC) is equipped with a library and computer facilities.

Pemenang is a young subdistrict in North Lombok that has just celebrated its first decade as a subdistrict. It was one of the severely most destructed areas during Lombok earthquake in 2018. The subdistrict become famous when Lalu Muhammad Zohri, a sprinter from Pemenang, won a gold medal at IAAF World U20 Championships.

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