Current Projects

1. Bayat School Base Management Programme
Although Titian has completed the construction of the school in Bayat, we still continue our work in helping the Head Master and the teachers to manage the school. Our aim is to make sure that the management and operation of the school is sustainable even after Titian leaves.

2. Community Learning Center
Titian is setting up CLC in Bayat through the development of the Bayat School Library. The aim is to help the community around the school to use the school facilities after school hours. A second CLC project is being developed in Gemawang village, in the regency of Magelang, Central Java. The budget forecasted for this second project (1 year), including the construction of the building will be around IDR 600 Mill.
We are seeking donor/s to fund this project.

3. Scholarship Programme
Titian is providing 100 scholarship for the Bayat School children who will graduate at the end of this school year (June 2008) to go to Vocational School and High School. This will be for 3 year programme for each child whose progress Titian will closely monitor. Funding is provided by Mr. Nick Cashmore personally.

4. Teachers Quality Improvement (TQI)
Working together with the Ministry of Education, Titian has developed training module for TQI. Using this module we will train 1000 teachers in 2008. For this first year it will be only for teachers from Klaten, Yogyakarta and the neighbouring areas. The budget for this project is IDR 3.5 Bill. Funding for this project is expected to come from ROTA of Qatar Foundation.

5. Bayat SMK (Vocational School)
Titian is facilitating the construction of a Vocational School in Bayat, next to the rebuilt school. The Regent of Klaten has provided the land and will further provide the teachers assistance to speed up the paperwork, licences etc. The budget for this school construction is about IDR 12 Bill. ROTA of Qatar Foundation has indicated interest to finance this project.

6. Micro Finance in Lamreh
Titian is giving financial assistance to Lamreh community who are trading in the Soroptimist built Market place in Lamreh. In partnership with the local Micro Finance institution PINBUK and the assistance of BRR, Titian is helping to create s legal community Co-op for the community of Lamreh. PINBUK trained the Co-op manager to set up and run a small Market Bank from which the community can borrow money. PINBUK monitors this activities for a year till which time the Co-op is expected to be able continue to run this independently. Funding for this program is provided by CLSA International.

7. Assistance for Widows of Conflict & Tsunami Area in Aceh
Titian is at present constructing a food processing home industry centre in Pidie, Aceh. Micro Finance Concept and entrepreneurship training will also be introduced here to 134 women whose husband have died, disappeared or run away during the conflict and/or Tsunami. Funding for this is also provided by CLSA International.

8. Girirejo Batik Centre
After a successful partnership in rebuilding the Batik Museum in Imogiri which was destroyed during the Yogya earthquake in May 2006, Titian and Yayasan Losari are fund raising to rebuild and preserve another very old building located next to the Imogiri Royal Tomb, in Girirejo, Yogyakarta. The plan is to develop this area to become the Batik Centre where the women (batik artists) from the community can come and work together to make batik as well as receive training in entrepreneurship and technique to upgrade the quality as well as design to meet the market needs.