Ines, a Student of SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat, Will Fly to Argentina for FIE 2011


Ines was just a regular student in SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat, biking for more than 15 km everyday for school, hardly able to continue her education last year due to financial problems. She had a chance to continue her education through the Titian Foundation’s scholarship. She has turned into a famous student in Klaten. Everybody talks about her and wants to meet her since January 2011 when she was announced as one of the PJI representatives for the FIE (El Foro Internacional De Emprendedores/International Forum of Entrepreneurs) in Argentina. PJI (Prestasi Junior Indonesia) is an organization that focuses on entrepreneurial, business and education, known as JA (Junior Achievement) Worldwide.

The FIE event is held by JA Worldwide and this year will take place in Cordoba, Argentina from 9 – 14 May. Ines is going with four students from other parts of Indonesia. She trained for a week in Jakarta before departing for Argentina on the 7th May. She was very excited and apprehensive to follow the preparation process. Throughout she was in communication with all appointed students through emails and facebook as well as with the committee from PJI. The story of a Bayat girl going international is now heard a lot in the villages. It is hoped that Ines will be an inspiration to other young people in the village, that despite their geographical remoteness and financial background, they can still shine and reach their dream if they want to.

Ines is one of 257 sponsored students supported by Titian Foundation with the help of its donor partners namely CLSA, Qatar Academy, among others. Being the best in Junior High School did not ensure she could continue to high school. But through provision of Titian Foundation scholarship, she is able to study in SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat majoring in batik.