Scholarship Newsletter November 2011

Nick CashmoreLily Kasoem

Donors Visited Titian Scholarship’s Students

Moved, grateful, fortunate are students feeling when met their donors Nick Cashmore and Yoon Lai Cho in Sunday afternoon. Even Nick and Yoon had come in Bayat several times but students always greeted them enthusiastically and bombarded them with questions.

Lily and Yoon gathered the information from studentsNick leads the discussion with the group who had good achievement

A session was prepared for them in mentorship activities to give them a chance to discuss and has conversation with students. After join mentorship activities actually we planned to visit some student’s houses. But we must give up to nature, heavy and windy pouring rains made this plan had to be canceled.

This is my dreamYoon with group who had toughest background

A day before in rainy Saturday, Nick and Yoon Lai had a small group discussion with students who represent their friends. Twenty students divided into 2 groups. One group was representing students who had good achievement and had planned to continue their study in University. The other group was representing for students who had toughest background.