Community Development Newsletter December 2011

Community Development

My Dreams

Children as part of the community have proven the fact that they own pure viewpoint concerning the development of their village. Titian Foundation along with the villagers conducted a participatory process of community development to explore the dreams of community, including children. This is one of few processes that involved all social components in the village of Beluk where Titian Foundation is preparing to establish a community development program. This process took place in the fourth week of December 2011.

Community DevelopmentCommunity Development

Here are some of children dreams about their village:

  1. My village become a clean, comfortable, and safe village and free from all forms of social illness.
  2. My village has a playground and village libraries and become centers of creative activity of Beluk children.
  3. My village becomes the village with the high spirit and harmony of togetherness’.
  4. My village has the skills training centers and organizations that can play a significant role in increasing our people’s incomes.