The Handing Over of Mandiri Bank Scholarship Programme to Titian Foundation

The scholarship using the Environment Development Programme 2012 of Bank Mandiri was represented by Finance and Strategic Director of Mandiri Bank, Pahala Mansury to the founder and director of Titian Foundation, Lily Kasoem in Yogyakarta on Saturday, 28 January. The total value of Bank Mandiri’s scholarship will be IDR. 546.480.000.

Photo: The Finance and Strategic Director of Bank Mandiri, Pahala Mansury hands a cheque for the scholarship to Lily Kasoem founder of Titian Foundation witnessed by Bret Ginesky from the Investor Relations Group of Bank Mandiri and Nick Cashmore a member of Titian’s Board of Trustees.

The beneficiaries of the scholarship will be some of Titian’s brightest senior high school students in Klaten, Central Java. It will be used to allow those that could not normally afford to continue their education to go on to study at university for four years. So far Titian Foundation’s highly successful scholarship has helped 465 students of SMA/SMK level for the three years of their studies.

During the event Pahala Mansury said that Bank Mandiri as the public entity has moral responsibility to assist in the educational of children who will become the future leaders of Indonesia.

“Data from Ministry of Education showed that as of July 2011 there were 50 million students from poorer families, with almost 28 million attending Junior Elementary School, 10 million at Senior Elementary School, and 7 million attending High School. Only 11% go on to study at university”, said Mansury.

“Education is one of the most important factors in determining the future prosperity of a nation. The more qualified its population, the wealthier the country. This is why we feel that we have to support this scholarship, for Indonesia’s future wealth.”

“Lily Kasoem said that the Scholarship Pogramme from Bank Mandiri is a continuation of existing senior high school scholarship programme. Through it students will have an opportunity to pursue higher education into university.”

“All the costs required for four-year period of study in college, such as books, accommodation and living expenses will be awarded to students who successfully pass the state college entrance exams. With proper education they will be able to improve their standard of living and provide benefits to themselves, their families and communities,” said Lily.