Entrepreneurship Newsletter January 2012


SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat Entrepreneurship Program

Titian Foundation is commited to focus on instilling the sense of entrepreneurship to the students of SMKN 1 ROTA. Partnering with Prestasi Junior Indonesia (PJI), Titian Foundation tries to foster all elements of entrepreneurship into practice. Titian helps entrepreneurship teachers to modify classroom activities and lessons to be in line with what real entrepreneurs experience and do in real life, these classroom activities are called Economics For Life. Moreover, to give more experience of real business situation, students are encouraged to start a company of their own where they where practice to make business plan, collect shares, conduct market research, and market their products.

EntrepreneurshipThe school has one SC (Student Company) called Akira which represents the school in many competitions and has won few awards nationally and internationally. A new SC is started each year after the liquidation of the previous one. Students have to apply and pass the interview process by the teachers to be employed in the company.

Recently, Titian is trying to enforce more students to run their own business. The school and Titian suggest that each class should have their own company and run it as a class company. Their class-teacher will be the board member of the company accompanied by the entrepreneurship teacher.

Currently, there are five additional active companies from the current existing seven. They have developed many different kinds of products to market. These companies will then be assessed at the end of each semester to be chosen as the best company. From the students’ testimonials they admitted that running a company is a lot more challenging and allowing them to understand the lesson of entrepreneurship better. They believe that they will be more ready to be entrepreneurs later on if they are given more of similar opportunities.