TQI Newsletter March 2012


The second year of TQI training has been successfully completed

The number of participants on the second year of the TQI Titian Foundation training increased from 30 to 34 because of the number of teachers who registered this year.

TQI training for year two was performed at P4TK Mathematics in Yogyakarta. The participants were teachers from elementary schools around Yogyakarta and Klaten city. The 34 participants consisted of 5 teachers from Bantul, 2 teachers from Gunungkidul, 9 teachers from Sleman, 4 teachers from Kulonprogo, 12 teachers from Yogyakarta and 2 teachers from Klaten.

The teachers benefitted from professional trainers such as Prof. DR. Djamaluddin Ancok (TQI program volunteer), Yuli Fajar Susetyo, S, Psi, M.Si., DR. Neila Ramdhani, M.Si. M.Ed., Muhanna Sofiati Utami, M.S., Sri Koesrohmaniah, M.S., Iwan Pambudi, S.Psi., M.M., and DR. dr. Zaenal Muttaqien Sofro, AIFM.

The teachers responded positively showing an enthusiasm to become better teachers and keen to immediately implement what they learned when they got back to their schools. The TQI training is therefore an important catalyst in improving the quality of teaching in Indonesia.


TQI Focus Group Discussion Programme

Before starting the Teacher Quality Improvement sessions, 263 teachers from 42 elementary schools in Bantul, Sleman, Gunungkidul, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta and Klaten, were involved in focus group discussions (FGDs) with a Titian Foundation facilitator. The aim of the focus groups was to understand the perceptions of the candidates about the new paradigm of studying.

The second year TQI training programme took place between 24 January and 1 February 2012.

From Sweden for Indonesia

Despite attending evening sessions between 7pm and 9pm after a full day, teachers were still enthusiastic. This reinforces how effective the training was – with participants sharing knowledge with one another about education and their teaching methods in a relaxed atmosphere. This was enhanced through watching movies and undertaking some interactive theatrical sessions.

Joining one of the evening sessions on the second week (Tuesday, 6 March 2012) was a special guest from Sweden, Dr. Anna-Carin Jonsson. She is a teacher at Boras University, Sweden. At this session, Dr. Jonsson shared her experiences about education in Sweden. Facilitated by Dr. Neila Ramdhani, the Director of TQI and Endah Sri Wahyuni a junior trainer, this evening session was enjoyed by all who attended.

Some classes are even held in the open, supported by a curriculum that allows students to learn about nature while actually experiencing it. Of course, students also learn other subjects such as mathematics and geography too.

The enthusiasm of the participants was obvious with the number of questions that come from the teachers. One teacher said it would be difficult for Indonesian teachers to follow the Swedish model that Dr. Jonsson outlined because the curriculum in Indonesia is demanding and teachers have to meet targets set out by the government. Dr. Jonsson smiled as she explained that in Sweden it is the same. But, she said, all that’s needed to succeed is the will to change.