Titian Community Learning Centres

Titian Foundation’s six CLCs are always hives of activity, drawing interest from the communities that surround them, extending Titian’s reach into the communities from which our students are drawn.

The newly opened Paseban CLC has generated keen interest from the local community who enjoy to access the facilities and to take part in sewing, use of computers, graphic design and traditional dance and music. Titian has also inspired the villagers in Paseban to make plans to create an eco-tourism area. Visitors will have homestays available to them and be able to watch and take part in activities such as pottery, ceramics and batik making. Visitors will also have the opportunity to share their particular expertise to villagers.

Sewing class at Paseban CLC

CLC Gemawang achieved first prize in the writing competition for Central Java Province which means that the CLC will participate in national level competition that will be held in September this year.

CLC Cigalontang facilitated social works performed by students of Indonesia Teaching University (UPI) and Pajajaran University in the context of community development and education to make props and workshops about health issues.

Summary of Activities in CLCs under Titian Foundation’s Assistance

Name of CLC Regular Activities Community Involvement
CLC SMPN 1 Bayat Book lending, internet service, CLC bulletin Activities by alumni, Development of student creativity involving the local community and Titian Scholarship awardees
CLC SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat Book lending, internet service, quarterly wall magazine Parents gathering
CLC Gemawang English course for local government employees, English course for secondary school students, book lending, internet service, villagers regular meeting, venue for training and comparative study from other villages on vocational village, regular events such as bike touring and for local women Self-management by local authority, self-financing through charges and donations on training and events.
CLC Cigalontang Basic computer course for elementary students, monthly villagers gathering, monthly local women gathering (PKK), book lending, integrated health service centre Facilitating social activities of UPI and UNPAD students, self-management by the community, self-financing through fees and local authority contributions
CLC Titian Bayat Book lending, movie watching, coop meeting, computer class, sewing and embroidery class, traditional dance class, music class Facilitating social works of UGM students on food serving, gathering and social work of Titian Scholarship Alumni Association (IKATIFO), facilitating the community as trainers for music, traditional dance, and sewing and embroidery class