A Proud Day as Titian Sends Off a Further 77 High School Graduates

Titian Foundation’s 4th Generation Graduates
Titian Foundation’s 4th Generation Graduates.

June 8, 2014 was another proud day for Titian Foundation, with 77 of its Scholarship students completing their High School/Vocational School studies. This brings to 332 the total number of successful High School graduates since the programme started. The students come from underprivileged families from various regions of Klaten, Central Java. They are the 4th Generation or Batch of Titian Foundation scholarship beneficiaries who receive three years mentorship aimed at increasing their self-esteem, self-efficacy and aspirations. Initially afraid to dream, they now show tremendous ambition for the future. They are an excellent example of how, given modest support, Indonesia’s youngsters are able to achieve so much.

Two-thirds of these graduates have already been accepted in public and private universities of which 70% have received university scholarships. Engineering, Accounting, and Art are the most popular majors selected by the students. Almost 20% of them have successfully obtained jobs in industry, with some undergoing job training.

Gen 4 Latest Results

66% of the most recent high school graduates (Generation 4, “Gen 4”) won places in University.
The diagram below illustrates the percentage of Gen 4 students that have been admitted by Universities, are working or receiving job training.

This is a is very encouraging trend, as more students aspire to get higher education after graduating from High School / Vocational School. This proves the efficacy of Titian’s mentorship programme that aims to increase self-esteem, self-confidence and aspirations. The rate of students extending their education to university is much higher than the national average of 17%.