Bayat Eco-Tourism

Bayat Eco-Tourism

Need a break? You are welcome to stay with us in Bayat! With our guesthouse ready to use, you can have a taste of the village’s serene everyday living at a fair price. Guests are also able to explore the village with a local tour guide ready to show interesting spots.

Bayat has been a long-time production center for batik and earthenware products. Besides agriculture, the main income of Bayat people derives from the production of batik and earthenware for various markets and purposes.

Guests will be taken to the centre of home industries, which keep with them stories of hundreds years of tradition and heritage. It is not merely about shopping or visiting craft makers, but revealing the history of Bayat people.

Various cultural trips are available: Batik Village Tour, Ceramic Village Tour and Nature Wonder Tours. Be it on a bike, car or foot, exploring Bayat is a mind opening experience.

Please contact Titian Office for further information.