Information Communication Technology (ICT) for Education Programme: Latest Developments

One-on-One Training in Process
One-on-One Training in process.

The ICT for Education programme offers help in two ways. It provides grants of ICT infrastructure and ICT Teacher Competency Development.

12 Elementary Schools in Yogyakarta Special Region and Klaten have received grants for ICT infrastructure. The grant covers the provision and cost of all elements of ICT infrastructure; internet subscriptions, computers, laptops, LCD projectors and screen, handycams, digital cameras, tripods, webcams, active speakers, headsets, external hard disks, Flashdisks, DVDs and CDs.

Mrs. Puji Lestari, Principal of Bumijo Elementary School in Yogyakarta which is one of the recipients of the grant says, “We are very excited to receiving these ICT devices. It will certainly motivate us to continue learning. Thanks to Titian Foundation, ROTA and Qatar Petroleum for their support”.

Uploading hardware donations to the appointed schools.

Currently, the ICT4E program is focusing on implementating ICT Teachers Competency Development. From December 2013 to August this year the programme held training in subjects such as; 21st Century Educational Leadership, OpenSuse & LibreOffice, Maintenance & ICT Troubleshooting, School Information Systems (SISFOKOL), Educational Software Usage and Intel Teach-Essential Course or 21st Century ICT-based Learning Development.

The table below gives a summary of the number of teachers participating in the ICT Teachers Competency Development training.

No. ICT Teachers Competency Development Training Participants
1 21st Century Educational Leadership 24 Teachers
2 OpenSuse & LibreOffice 130 Teachers
3 Maintenance & ICT Troubleshooting 12 Teachers
4 School Information Systems 12 Teachers
5 Educational Software Usage 130 Teachers
6 Intel Tech – Essential Course (21st Century ICT-Based Learning Development) On Going