Workshop “Headmaster Empowerment” and Seminar “Aku Bangga Menjadi Guru”, celebrating the TQI programme’s 4th Year

For Titian Foundation, the schools’ teachers, principals and supervisors are of the utmost importance in determining the sustainability and quality of our education. They are the spearhead, crucial in the learning process conducted by educators in class.

For that reason, since 2010 Titian Foundation has run the Teacher Quality Improvement (TQI) programme with the support from Reach Out To Asia of the Qatar Foundation. The programme has been actively contributing to improving the competency of educators and education personnel in the DI Yogyakarta province and Klaten sub-district.

The “Headmaster Empowerment” Workshop for supervisors and principals and “I am proud to be a Teacher” Seminar was held to celebrate four years of Titian Foundation participation through the TQI programme. The event was to appreciate all parties who have been partnering and supporting the implementation of the TQI Programme. These parties include the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, the Office of Education, Youth and Sports of DIY province, all sub-district Offices of Education, Youth and Sports in Klaten and DIY province, and also the donors who have been assisting in implementing this programme since its inception, i.e. Vodafone and Reach Out To Asia. With the help and support of these parties, during the last four years of TQI programme execution (2010 to 2014), Titian has managed to organize 48 batches of teacher training which accounts for 1,470 teachers and supervisors from 356 schools (Elementary and Junior High School).

The event is also the official launch of a new book “An Inspirational Principal” written by Prof. Djamaludin Ancok, Ph.D. and Dr. Neila Ramdhani, M.Si, M.Ed and also a book titled “I am proud to be a Teacher” which is a compilation of stories by TQI programme alumni teachers.