ICT4E Close-Out

ICT Festival

Titian’s two-year ICT for Education (ICT4E) programme has come to an end. This is another successful project that Titian executed in partnership with ROTA and Qatar Petroleum, Intel and Infest. To celebrate its completion, a one-day festival was held in November 2015. It brought together the thirteen schools that benefitted from the programme, the Centre of Education Communication Technology (BTKP), the Radio Education Media Development (BPMRP), SmartEdu and ISP Company Terabit.

Art performances such as traditional dance, a marching band, socio-drama, choir and musical poetry added to the festivities. An online media portal for publications and learning collaboration called Gemati Teacher Group was launched as a legacy of the ICT4E programme. Gemati, which in the local Javanese language means ‘very kind and caring’, is used by teachers who are avid supporters of integrating ICT into their teaching. Its aim is to encourage teachers to continue to integrate ICT into the learning process. The portal is powered by Kelase, a social networking service and an online learning environment for formal and non-formal educational institutions.

Teachers can take advantage of this online media portal to share news and advocate good practices in utilizing ICT to support school activities. In addition to sharing ideas, the portal can also be a medium for teachers to develop innovative learning approaches.