IKATIFO Eid-al-Fitr Gathering 2016

This year is the fourth year IKATIFO (Titian Foundation Alumni Association) had its grand reunion which usually coincides with the Eid-al-Fitr celebration. Around 130 alumni from Generation 1 to 6 attended the reunion on Sunday, July 10th, 2016 at the Titian Foundation CLC in Bayat. Aside from the alumni, the active scholarship beneficiaries and Titian Foundation (“Titian”) mentors also attended. The event serves as a way to reconnect the alumni who are now already working or studying at university or college and a meet and greet session for the Titian scholarship programme family.

The alumni were greeted with religious music that has been prepared by the event committee. The committee then showed the activity videos of the active scholarship beneficiaries. The place was soon swept by laughter that afternoon as the alumni reminisced about their time spent together and remembering their own innocence at that time. Watching those videos reinforced the bond between the alumni, that although they have already ‘graduated’ from Titian they feel they are part of another family – Titian family. Some of the alumni also took part in the entertainment and music performance.


Unfortunately, Titian’s Founder Lily Kasoem was not able to attend the reunion this year as she was overseas at the time of the event. In her absence, a note was read by Titian’s Programme Manager, Febriana Dwiyanti. In her message, Ibu Lily set a big “homework” challenge for the Titian alumni – as Bayat’s sons and daughters – they should carry on Titian’s work in fostering children’s education, specifically in Bayat. This year’s reunion also differed a little from previous ones. This year’s election of the chairman position of IKATIFO for the period 2106/2017 was nominated by the alumni, whereas before the chairman had been elected by the residing committee.

The election for Chairman was done through voting by the attending alumni, who elected Dwi Santoso from Generation 5 as Chairperson. The afternoon gathering was closed with a handshake session and group photos. (LA)