Scholarship Orientation Period of Generation 9

After successfully being selected as Titian Foundation (“Titian”) scholarship recipients, students still have to go through a series of activities before fully becoming part of the Titian family.

The Scholarship Orientation Period or Masa Orientasi Beasiswa – “MOB”, is an activity to fully introduce Titian and gives an overview of the assistance that the recipients will receive in the course of the three years of their scholarship. MOB for Generation 9, the most recent batch of scholarship recipients, was held on August 21st at Titian CLC in Bayat.

Being a recipient of the Titian scholarship, is different from other scholarships. In addition to covering their school fees, the scholarship recipients also get assistance in character building. It is purposely programmed so that Titian scholarship recipients are not only good at academic subjects, but also possess good social skills.

Organized by 24 students from Generation 8, the activities were very exciting. Starting with dancing together as an ice-breaker, students were then introduced to Titian’s staff. The new batch were told about Titian’s history and the programmes it runs. Generation 9 students were also given an explanation of activities they would be participating in during the 3 years of their scholarship. The event continued with quizzes, games and what became the highlight of the day, a group art performances. The objective was to encourage Generation 9 students to dare to be creative and confident. There were also plays, singing and poetry. This event closed with an art performance by the committee. All participants, committee members and mentors looked very happy and it was clear that all had very much enjoyed the activities. (WA/FD)