Laurie Young First-Time Visit to Titian

In November Titian Foundation (“Titian”) had the pleasure of hosting CLSA’s Managing Director – Organizational Development, Laurie Young’s long-awaited first visit to Titian’s CLC in Bayat, Klaten.

CLSA – the largest independent stockbroker in Asia – is like a godfather to our scholarship recipients. Its Country Head at the time, Nick Cashmore, witnessed the destructive aftermath of the powerful earthquake in Central Java in 2006. Concerned with the future of children in the stricken village of Bayat, Nick initiated Titian’s scholarship programme in to put the youngsters back to school, enabling them to get high school diplomas. Since 2008, CLSA sponsorship has helped more than 300 students and is still the biggest donor for our scholarship programme.

Laurie Young

Laurie also brought his wife, Chris, on this trip. The couple sat down with scholarship alumni from earlier batches funded by CLSA. Most of them have graduated or are close to graduating from university. Looking back at where these children came from, they themselves have been astonish by their own achievements. The scholarship paved their way to dream bigger and better goals in life.

“It’s important to keep dreaming about what you want to do, because when you stop dreaming, you stop living.” said Laurie.

Laurie and Chris also made time to visit the home of two of our scholarship recipients to get a glimpse of the living conditions of the children that Titian supports. Titian appreciates and encourages such close engagement with the donors of our programmes and looks forward to their repeat visits.