First Sunday Gathering for Tangsel Scholarship

It was an unusual Sunday Gathering for Titian scholarship recipient in Tangsel. This first Sunday Gathering was actually happening on Thursday rather than normally Sunday on September 21st, 2017.

First Sunday Gathering for Tangsel Scholarship

Sunday Gathering is the name Titian adopts for capacity building activities for scholarship recipients. Every month, there will be a new theme to learn through group games. “Me and my Surroundings” was the first theme to be learned through this Sunday Gathering for Generation 1 of the Scholarship Programme in Tangsel. This theme deemed fit as students have just moved to Grade 10. Students are expected to be aware that ability to adaptability are important, especially in new environments so that they could garner good relationships with their surroundings, be it in their school or their neighborhood.

One of the games played in this gathering was ‘candlelight’. Each group had to choose three tools among many provided by Facilitators in order to light two candles that were put in the middle of a windy area and remain alight for five seconds. They were encouraged to express their opinions and reach a unanimous decision that group members can all accept and work together to reach the goal.

First Sunday Gathering for Tangsel Scholarship

After the game, Facilitators asked respective group members about the lessons learned from the game and how the situations mirror our everyday life.

One of the participants, Agung Syaputra, said “The games help us to think through in assessing our situation. It also made me more confident when expressing opinions in front of my friends.”

Adilia Apriliana had a similar view to Agung and said, “The games played in Sunday Gathering train me to be honest, to trust others, as well as teamwork, and camaraderie. These are very beneficial to my everyday life. Like when I meet new friends in school or when I have to learn how to deal with friends who sometimes don’t want to work together for a group task in school.” (KA)