TQI Monitoring by Ancora Foundation

TQI Monitoring by Ancora Foundation

Ancora Foundation (Ancora) did a monitoring of five school beneficiaries of Teacher Quality Improvement (TQI) programme on September 18th to 20th, 2017, three months after the training was completed. Ancora wanted to hear directly from the beneficiaries – how the knowledge given in the training revolutionized their way of teaching and the impact it made on their students and schools.

The meetings were also attended by the respective schools’ Principals, all giving positive feedback as the result of the TQI training they received.

Their feedback in summary was: their students’ absenteeism had greatly reduced; students are more willing to engage with the teachers hence improved student communication and rapport. Students’ academic scores have also improved as learning is made more enjoyable. In turn, the school rating has also improved.

TQI Monitoring by Ancora Foundation

Aside from introducing fun ways of learning, teachers are also equipped with knowledge to manage stress so they can handle the day’s challenges at school. Even modest tips given in the training like a simple workout after waking up in the morning are said to work wonders for their health.

Finally, all teachers were asked about the continuation of TQI Programme, whether there would be more TQI training conducted in the future. They wanted their fellow teachers to also benefit from this training.

To date, Ancora has supported a total of six batches of Titian’s TQI training; improving the social, personality and pedagogy skills of nearly 200 teachers.