Improving Children Reading Interest Through Literacy Activity

The Literacy Programme is one of the most awaited activities by Elementary School children in Bayat. This activity has been carried out since September 2017. The objective is to introduce and improve reading culture in children, either by visiting schools and bringing along books to read or the students visiting our CLC. Right now, CLC Titan collaborates with three Elementary Schools, two schools receive a monthly visitation by CLC Titian, MI Muhammadiyah 1 Paseban and SD Nengahan and CLC Titian makes a bi-weekly visit to SDN 3 Paseban.

Living at a time where we can find mostly about anything, anytime and anywhere through gadgets and internet, it is so highly rewarding to see the enthusiasm that children have shown to read books every time we hold this literacy activity.

Our library in CLC Bayat provides an ample reading selection, there are about 2,500 titles to choose from. But the book series that are typically capture the children’s attention are the professions, animals, princesses etc. Of those books, the ones have most interest are the dinosaurs and princesses’ series.

After they have finished reading a book, they will discuss it with their friends and then compare it with others. In addition, they will also play games and reiterate the story from the book in front of their friends. This means they are fully engaged, “Literacy is fun, because there are many friends and we play some games, so it makes reading so much fun” said Isnaini, a Grade 6 student of SDN 3 Paseban. (NL)