Scholarship Activities – Sunday Gathering Gen 9

On Sunday, December 16th, 2018, Titian Foundation held one of the routine activities that are part of the Scholarship Programme, a Sunday Gathering for Generation 9. The gathering was held at the Auditorium of SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat. After the opening activities – prayers and ice breaking, the two speakers of the day were introduced – Mr. Wuddy Warsono and Mr. Yanto Chandra.

Mr. Wuddy started the session by talking about “Shining in Your Corner”. According to Mr. Wuddy, what people did in the past was Follow your Money and what people do today is to Follow your Passion. Passion will develop from time to time, in the direction of a more mature and constant Passion. While with Interests, they can go up and down. There are 4Cs that we must adhere to in order to become successful. These are:

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Communication: We must be able to establish good communication with others.
  3. Collaboration: Combining several talents / skills that can result in something innovative / interesting.
  4. Creativity: Creation of innovations that can be useful for life in the future.

The second guest speaker, Mr. Yanto followed on the discussion with the topic “Do you really intend it?”. According to Mr. Yanto, change nowadays occurs rapidly. We must be able to foresee the next few years so as to prepare ourselves for what is to come. News on social media indicates that there are some labor-focused jobs that will be replaced by robots, leaving many that are only vocational school graduates at great risk of being unemployed. We must be able to foresee the development of technology in today’s world, “Will human power be replaced by robots?”. In order to address this issue, we must prepare ourselves better. We must have strong intentions. Our intention is very important and if ours is pure, then God will provide the best way for us. According to Mr. Yanto, we must begin to cultivate a love for reading so that we can be on top of information that can benefit us.

After presenting all the material, the gathering continued with a question and answer session. When answering questions, Mr. Wuddy and Mr. Yanto did not forget to add messages to motivate students.

Based on students’ feedback, they felt the day’s session was valuable and enlightening. Some of what they learned included:

  1. Knowing the difference between Passion and Intention.
  2. Being motivated to consider more aspects before deciding on one particular option.
  3. Knowing how to make choices according to their Passion.
  4. To actively keep abreast of information that will affect their future job prospects.
  5. Remembering the 4Cs that must be cultivated in order to attain a better future.

Hopefully what was conveyed by Mr. Wuddy and Mr. Yanto in this gathering will help Generation 9 Titianers to choose their majors wisely at college later and will be useful for them in the future. (WRW)