Bullying Among Elementary School Students

Do you know what bullying is?
Have you seen a friend being bullied?
Have you ever bullied a school mate?
The answers from students to these questions is often “Yes”

Living in the tourist district means more job opportunities which often results in both parents working. Though their level of income may be well above average, the downside is that young children, are left unattended at home after school or supervised by their grandparents. Ironically, the increase in the standard of living leads to less attention and structure for the children. The result can be either to make them more independent and resourceful or in the worst case, a bully.

Ibu Indri Ashari Oktaviani, Secretary of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) for Yogyakarta, held a talk with 46 soon-to-be Grade 5 students from elementary schools near CLC Titian Kaliurang on June 18th, 2019.

The delinquencies range from physical, verbal and cyber-attacks, to indecent misdemeanor by boys to girls. The stories can make an adult’s heart palpitate when hearing these students’ innocent blurts. It can also raise alarm bells about how serious this issue can be and alerts us to take awareness about bullying up a notch.

Ibu Indri showed a number of videos to the students and then asked them whether they understood the messages as well as relating what they had seen in the videos to their everyday lives. This includes understanding the implications on the victims and the legal consequences for the perpetrators.