An Audience with West Nusa Tenggara Vice-Governor

On Monday morning July 15th, 2019 at the Vice-Governor of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)’s office, CEO and Founder of Titian Foundation (Titian) Ibu Lily Kasoem was received by Vice Governor Dr. Ir. Hj. Sitti Rohmi Djalilah, M.Pd. (Ibu Wagub). This was a continuation of the first meeting six months ago, on January 18th, 2019. In this meeting, Ibu Lily reported the development of Titian’s Programmes that have been running for the past six months in North Lombok and Central Lombok.

Based on the observations and developments in the field, Ibu Lily underlines the importance of education for NTB people. This is in accordance with Titian mission, which focuses on education through Scholarship Programme and mentorship for high school students in Pemenang – North Lombok Regency. Meanwhile, for the adult empowerment in Rembitan, Central Lombok Regency, Ibu Lily also emphasizes the need for education. This is to change people’s mindsets so they can be inspired to become independent and improve their quality of life. It all starts by providing practical education and role models. What Titian does is providing the Community Learning Center (CLC) as a place for the community to acquire practical education.

Responding to what has been conveyed by Ibu Lily Kasoem, Ibu Wagub, acting as the head of the NTB government, welcome Titian Foundation’s programme because it is in line with the provincial programme to develop human resources in NTB. She also believes in the importance of education and it is already being included in the government revitalization programme through health service posts (Posyandu). Through Posyandu, counseling / education on various aspects, such as Health, which includes stunting, nutrition, infant health; Social aspect, such as child marriages, drugs, illegal migrants; Economic aspect such as craft workshop, fish processing, are now carried out in every village in NTB.

Also presence in this meeting were the Head of DP3AP2KB (Office of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, Population and Family Planning) Bapak H. Imhal and Head of Village Empowerment, Bapak H. Ashari. Both shared about the Family Sustainability Development Programme that were piloted in Pandan Wangi village in East Lombok and Kembang Krang village in Central Lombok. The outcome of the above programmes will produce a portrayal map of the people condition as determined from 24 indicators.

At the end of the meeting, Ibu Lily handed Titian Annual Progress Report that contains beneficiaries’ testimonies from the Scholarship Programme in Bayat, Klaten, Central Java. Ibu Wagub gives Titian her support in working together to improve the quality of human resources in NTB. (GP)