An Afternoon at CLC Pemenang

It’s only been little over a month ago that our newest CLC in Lombok island just opened, but children and the students of SMPN 2 Pemenang, a junior school in Pemenang subdistrict, where Titian CLC is also situated have already been crowding the place. It gets more visitors when the school starts, up to 50 kids squirming around making noise and being rambunctious.

Our two staff must juggle around to bring order and yet lovingly assisting them. The children are allowed to play, that is if they have read a book. Moreover, the children will be questioned later about the content of the book, to see whether they truly read the book and understand it.

Our newest CLC has a library containing various books, for children to adult. It also has a computer lab where students can get hands-on learning, to learn how to operate it for homework or research. Our CLCs easily become a second home for our Scholarship beneficiaries and community nearby.

Titian decided to set a CLC at this school because it is easy to access for by our Scholarship beneficiaries. Its large field can also accommodate capacity building activities for the students.