Old is Gold!

At times, the ‘lansia’ (senior age) phase of life becomes a source of fear for those who have retired. This period is often marked by a reduced working memory capacity, decreased physical functioning, decreased productivity, and also fewer interactions with others as their physical strength gradually becomes limited. In many cases, their children are the only ones that support them by taking charge of their elderly relatives’ care by encouraging them, being their friends and keeping them active.

Community Learning Center (CLC) Titian Kaliurang collaborates with Ngipiksari Senior Group to provide activities for the elderly. The activities include discussions about motivation and enthusiasm for life, simple skills such as batik making, making salted eggs and utilizing plastic waste. There are also recreational activities in the form of games, singing, visiting Tresna Werdha Social Service Center, doing anti-stroke exercises to maintain a good physical condition, sharing knowledge and experience, as well as capacity building through training in the “Training for Trainers” session which was presented by the social workers from the DIY (Special Region of Yogyakarta) Social Service.

The enthusiasm of senior participants is very high. Gathering, meeting fellow seniors and joking among peers are great remedies to relieve the boredom of being at home. Almost all the seniors who participate are senior women—their male counterparts are still too shy to join. The purpose of the activities provided by Titian is to re-ignite in seniors an enthusiasm and zest for life. Even though they are senior people, they can still be empowered, and be creative, making useful contributions without being a burden on others. Still, the attention of their families is one of the things that allows seniors to remain optimistic, hence enjoying the rest of their lives. (AW/DAP)

Training for Trainers for the Sakura Ngipiksari Elderly Group presented by DIY Social Services workers on November 26, 2019

All elderly group activities began by stretching to keep their body healthy and uplifting on January 16, 2020

One of the gathering activities of the Ngipiksari Elderly Group gathering was making batik cloth on January 16, 2020

The result of Ngipiksari Elderly Group batik activity on January 16, 2020

Sakura Ngipiksari Elderly Group learn to make salted egg on August 15, 2019

Anti-stroke exercise/stretching on October 3, 2019