Ellen May: To Succeed is to Work Hard

Ellen May released various books about stocks and her books have become national best-selling books. Since the release of her books, many people have asked to be taught about stock market by her. Finally, Ellen conducted seminars and training, and now most people know Ellen May as an expert in the field of stock market. However, on February 16, 2020, she got the chance to show the other side of herself, which is sharing her experiences and knowledge in pursuing dreams.

In front of enthusiastic Titian scholarship beneficiaries, Ellen, who used to teach and share all things related to trading, forex, and commodities, transformed into an educator for the teenagers who taught one important thing: to succeed is to work hard. She gave energy and sparked some inspiration for Titian Bayat scholarship students in the auditorium at SMKN ROTA 1, Bayat. Ellen does have a strong dedication in being an educator. With enthusiasm, she shared her views on success. “Many people have had success, but they don’t feel content.” Ellen shared her perspective on defining success, and the Titian students looked impressed.

In addition, Ellen also told how we should achieve our dreams. We still have to work hard. “We must be consistent in working. For example, if you want to become a YouTuber, don’t be lazy to create something. If you want to be an artist, juts learn every ways to do it; if you want to be a public figure, you must know the consequences, such as how our personal life will be exposed to the public.” In short, Ellen stressed on how important to know all knowledge about our dreams is.

The Titian students were very interactive and they gave questions to Ellen, such as asking how we plan to reach our dreams and how to increase our confidence. “I love how Titian works. Titian helps students by providing knowledge that will be continuously used,” Ellen said. Her visit to Bayat was a new experience. “This is my first time, sharing experiences with high school kids. I enjoyed it.” It is obvious that everyone that presented at the session was very happy because Ellen May has nurtured a new spirit and inspired Titian students! (SK)