IKATIFO 2021 Campus Fair

Sunday, January 10, 2021 is one of the important moments for the Generation 11 of Titian Bayat students in planning their goals. On that day they gathered to attend the 2021 Campus Fair IKATIFO (Titian Foundation Alumni Association) event with “One Step Toward Brighter Future” as the theme. Just like the theme used for this event, the Generation 11 of Titian Bayat is one step better to walk towards a brighter future. Even though we’re still in a state of recovery from the pandemic, of course that does not hinder the spirit of IKATIFO and Generation 11 of Titian Bayat in carrying out activities and all activities were still conducted with health protocols.

Campus Fair is an annual IKATIFO activity which aims to facilitate Titian’s active generation; those who are already in 12th grade of high school/vocational school, to be precise, who will soon undergo the next process in the world of college or work. Titian alumni represent more than 20 public, private, and official universities in order to socialize and introduce their respective campuses to the Generation 11 of Titian Bayat. There’s something that distinguishes this year’s Campus Fair event from previous years: there was a sharing session about the world of work. Months before the 2021 Campus Fair, various activities have been held online as the beginning of the dynamic interaction between IKATIFO and Titian’s active generation.

The event was started earlier than usual, at 08.00 WIB at SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat. Using an unusual timeframe, the event committee was still trying to optimize the function of this event. Considering that we’re still in a pandemic, the activities were still limited and shouldn’t take too long. The activity began with a speech delivered by the committee chairman and assistant. Then, the event was continued to a sharing session at each post that represents various campuses. There’s a moderator in each post to guide the sharing to make the discussion more interesting. After that, the participants took a break and watched an entertainment show presented by the committee. The event continued with KIP socialization which is very important for the students. It continued to a sharing session about the world of work and ended with self-reflection session as a way to reflect on the hopes and aspirations of the participants—also the big sharing as the closing which was done to give participants the opportunity to express their opinions regarding the anxiety they feel and also their feelings after doing the activity.

This Campus Fair activity is the first Generation 11 students’ activity that was able to gather all Generation 11 students considering that previously their activities were still very limited. Previously all activities were held online, so of course Generation 11 scholarship students’ enthusiasm in participating in this Campus Fair activity was very high. Besides being able to gain new knowledge, this activity is also strengthened their family ties. Not only the participants, the committee involved also consists of various generations and this makes this event meaningful for the Titianers. Everyone hopes that the 2021 Campus Fair can be useful for Generation 11 Bayat students to prepare their future after graduation. Moreover, there will be many challenges in the world of education that will be faced during a pandemic like now. Hopefully the Campus Fair events in the next following years will be better and more innovative so it can generate more benefits. (IKATIFO)