Fly High, Reach Your Dreams

Year 2022 is the last year for Titianers to do activities together at Titian Foundation in South Tangerang (Tangsel). The Third Gen Titianers have experienced various activities altogether within Titian Foundation Tangsel scholarship programme, such as Volunteering, Sunday Gathering, and Social Project activities. To celebrate graduation and the completion of the scholarship programme for Titianers Generation 3, a Send-off event was held.

The Send-Off event is a celebration for Tangsel Titianers who have finished their high school process along with Titian Foundation’s support. This year’s Send-off took the theme “Fly High, Reach Your Dreams”. The theme means that Titianers Generation 3 will start a new step towards a wider world to proceed towards their dreams.

In this Send-off, several messages from facilitators, programme manager, and Titian Foundation Alumni Association (IKATIFO) seniors were also conveyed for Titianers Generation 3. In the wider world that Titianers Generation 3 are about to face, of course they will encounter more obstacles, even harder, because the world is also getting tougher. Even so, everyone has their own time to shine, and being patient is one of the keys: there is no need to comparing what they’ve done so far to the achievements of others. For those who doesn’t know the purpose of their life, there is no need to worry, because we can find new dreams, big or small, in this broadening life scheme.

This Send-off event also welcomed Tangsel Titianers Generation 3 to be part of the Titian Foundation Alumni Association (IKATIFO) family. Through IKATIFO, it is hoped that all Titian Foundation alumni can stay in touch and share good things with the surroundings. IKATIFO, as a big family of Titian Foundation, is here to help each other in need, and as a reminder that Titian Foundation will always be a family to Titianers wherever they are. (CP)