World Mental Health Day Seminar: Knowing Yourself to Maintain Your Mental Health

In commemoration of World Mental Health Day which occurs on October 10, Titian Foundation Bayat held a seminar with the theme of maintaining mental health by knowing ourselves. This seminar was open to the public, targeting teenagers from junior high school also university students as participants. A total of 53 participants attended the auditorium of SMK Negeri 1 ROTA Bayat, Klaten on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

This mental health day was commemorated together with the Programme Manager and Counselor of Titian Foundation, Mbak Febriana Dwiyanti, S.Psi, Psychologist, who is also a clinical psychologist and professional life coach. In the seminar activity, Mbak Febriana or who is often called Mbak Ana, started the material with an explanation about teenagers, which was then continued with mental health information as well as the problems that are currently being hype among teenagers. On that occasion, Mbak Ana also gave tips to be happy, how to do self-healing and do reflection together at the end of the session.

The seminar activities were fun and enjoyable, because apart from receiving knowledge about mental health, Mbak Ana also interacted a lot with the participants and there was a question and answer session so that the participants became more enthusiastic. The seminar ended at 12.30 WIB and was closed with a beautiful group photoshoot.

Here are some testimonials from some of the participants who attended the seminar. Giseila Adriyani said, “From this seminar, I discovered that it is important for us to also take care of our mental health. Because sometimes our physical looks good but our mental might be in a mess. Also about meditation, I think I really need to apply it. At first if there was a problem, oh well, it would go away on its own, but in fact the problem didn’t go away but was buried under another problem that could reappear at any time. It can make us anxious and stressed. I was very lucky that I attended the seminar therefore I knew how to deal with problems such as anxiety.”

Khoirin Giantika also said, “It’s a new learning for me, I can get to know mental health, acknowledge what really I feel at this moment, and then how do I overcome it. The questions and sharings from other friends were also filling my knowledge. And of course there are many useful takeaways from this seminar for me”. In addition, Novika Anjaswati also gave a testimony, “I can learn many things, especially about mental health. Someone who is mentally healthy has a happy heart, able to handle pressure, can learn things with pleasure, can contribute and be helpful for others”.

World Mental Health Day does exist to raise awareness for all of us collectively. Everyone has the same opportunity to have good mental health and also the same opportunity to get access to the mental health care they need. (IP)