Same Goal, Different Ways

As their feet stepped off the stage and the graduation medals hung around their necks, Titian scholarship students in Pemenang, North Lombok, who are now Titian alumni, were seen putting on cheerful smiles. After spending three years together with Titian, send-off is one last agenda which is attended by Titian Foundation scholarship students. As the meaning implies, send-off means ‘letting go’, but this time the process is not merely letting go of them because Titian will always be their home. It means that Titian Foundation has guided the beneficiaries to the next step after they have been given the basic provisions to become more developed individuals, so that they can contribute to their own community in the future. This send-off is also a metaphorical ‘door’ that led them to carry out the life plan they have made respectively.

As one of the first Titian alumni (Gen 1) in Lombok, Raden Gani, who continues his studies at the University of Mataram (UNRAM), delivered his messages for Generation 2, his juniors, on stage. He emphasized the importance of education. Titian Foundation Founder Mrs. Lily Kasoem and also Titian mentors expressed their pride in what Gen 2 members have attained and also their farewell remarks. The Gen 2 members not only attended the event but also showcased their talents through poetry musicals, added with pencak silat performances and captivating soccer shows. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the mesmerizing performances, showed by the heartfelt speech delivered on stage by one of the scholarship students’ parents. Additionally, the youth from Rembitan, who have also mentored by Titian to keep on their educational path, were also present at this momentous occasion. It was a special experience for them as they had never ventured as far as North Lombok before. This Gen 2 event undoubtedly served as a powerful inspiration for these youths from Rembitan to keep their pursuit of education.

The chosen theme for the send-off, ‘Same Goal, Different Ways’, perfectly reflects the unique character of each Gen 2 student who may have made different choices but remains together in their goal which is to grow. With Titian’s motto, ‘Keep the Spirit to Reach Your Dreams’, this send-off represents a momentous milestone as they embark on their new journeys, dedicated to the pursuit of their individual dreams. Congratulations on the exciting series of experiences ahead, Titianers Lombok Gen 2!