All our programs are designed to empower the community by providing tools that foster ongoing stability and self sufficiency.

The main scope of our work is in the area of education. We offer scholarships for disadvantaged children in Central Java, Banten, and West Nusa Tenggara to attend Senior High School who would not otherwise have the opportunity. Many successfully go on to win scholarships at university. We also run a unique programme to improve the quality of teachers in Central Java.

Our other concern is to boost societal income generation on a sustainable basis through the opening of Community Learning Centres (CLCs). We believe that an improved family income will lead to better education opportunities for children as well as retaining traditional crafts and skills that would otherwise be lost.


Although Titian started by re-building earthquake damaged schools and moved into scholarships to put less fortunate youngsters through senior high school. This latter programme has been its most successful and long lasting. In 2011 a university scholarship programme was introduced.

Teachers Quality Improvement (TQI)

Titian’s TQI programme is design to bring new and more effective teaching methods to Indonesia's schools. Teachers became more creative in their approach to the teaching and learning process and as a result it becomes more interesting and fun meaning that lessons are more easily understood by their students.

ICT for Education

Titian’s Information, Communication, Technology (ICT) Programme is designed to bring the technology of the 21st Century to Indonesia’s schools. The overall goal of this programme is to improve the quality of teaching, learning and administrative processes in the selected schools, through the provision of ICT infrastructure and related knowledge and skills.

Community Learning Centres (CLCs)

It was natural to turn our attention to the communities around the locations where we offered scholarships. Hence the Titian Community Learning Centres. Places where all members of the community can learn new things and share their knowledge and skills with one another. Titian now has nine CLCs with one more under construction in Rembitan, southern Lombok.

Project Lombok

When massive earthquake hit Lombok in 2018, Lily Kasoem, Founder and CEO of Titian Foundation went straight to see first-hand the destruction that it had caused, and to see how Titian’s expertise could help. After getting involved in distributing urgent aid, Titian started to help communities get back on their feet by offering its Scholarship Programme and various Community Development Programmes at Pemenang in North Lombok and Rembitan in Central Lombok.

Heritage Preservation

Indonesia is blessed with abundant natural resources, including its rich cultural diversity and Titian sees this cultural tradition as an indispensable part of our national identity that should be preserved and passed on to younger generations. There are two areas where Titian operates that represent such cultural richness, Bayat and Rembitan.

Completed Projects

Titian has completed a number of significant projects which now successfully operate on their own. We still keep a watchful eye on them of course, but we are delighted in their sustained progress. Each is an inspiring story in its own right and represents the principles on which Titian operates. We look forward to working with partners to run more of them in the future.