Programmes Heritage Preservation

Indonesia is blessed with abundant natural resources, including its rich cultural diversity and Titian sees this cultural tradition as an indispensable part of our national identity that should be preserved and passed on to younger generations. There are two areas where Titian operates that represent such cultural richness, Bayat and Rembitan.

Bayat is an indigenous village that lies in the south east of Klaten regency, Central Java. Bayat has been a long-time production center for batik and earthenware products. It has been said that Bayat’s batik started to develop from as early as the 16th century. Notably, two of our Scholarship Programme alumni from Generation 2 are carrying the torch of these traditions and actively cultivating their craft. Sidik Purnomo is doing so through ceramics and earthernware and Suryanti through batik. Sidik and Suryanti, are both taking an art major in university and incorporate traditions in their creations but with a modern flair. Their ingeneous creations can be seen at their Instagram accounts, @buntaristudio and @rokechi respectively.

Just under a thousand miles to the east of Bayat is Rembitan, in Central Lombok. It is home to indigenous Sasak people where the popular tourist hamlet of Sade is located. One of their distinctive crafts is tenun (a handwoven fabric). Before Titian became involved in Rembitan, their tenun motives were very simple; a far cry from the already acclaimed tenun from the neighbouring Sukarara village. Titian spotted that there was room for improvement. Working closely with our partners, Soroptimist International of Jakarta (SIJ), we hired highly a skilled tenun weaver from Sukarara village to teach Rembitan women to make higher quality tenun.

Aside from their own efforts, a special corner of our CLCs display products from our programme alumni and communities, so they can gain additional exposure and achieve higher sales.