Programmes Teacher Quality Improvement (TQI)

Crucial to the success of any drive to improve Indonesia’s education system is the quality of its teachers. Titian’s Teacher Quality Improvement (TQI) Programme is designed to bring the latest teaching ideas and techniques into Indonesian classrooms.

Traditional teacher training in Indonesia focuses on the cognitive aspects of teaching, neglecting other equally important competencies such as emotional intelligence and psychomotor learning. Titian’s TQI Programme aims to improve teachers’ skills in the areas of personality building, social skills and pedagogy in an attempt to deliver more appropriate and effective learning approaches and activities.

In 2007 the government recognised the importance of the quality of teaching and in that year Titian conducted a teacher training programme entitled ‘Excellence in Teaching and Learning’. In 2010, in partnership with ROTA (a member of the Qatar Foundation), Vodafone and the Ministry of National Education (MONE), Titian took a further step. It developed the Teachers Quality Improvement (TQI) programme.

A decade after its conception, 1,829 teachers, 253 headmasters, 71 school supervisors and 57 teacher trainers had benefitted from the TQI Programme with total project value of more than IDR 20 billion.

The direct beneficiaries of the TQI Programme were elementary and junior high schools’ teachers in Yogyakarta and Klaten. The programme targeted between 35 and 40 teachers per batch, followed by three months post-training assistance. A direct outcome of the programme was that at least 65,000 students received higher quality teaching with all the subsequent benefits that this entails.

At the conclusion of the TQI programme reactions were obtained from teachers illustrating clearly that it had fundamentally changed the way they teach. After their TQI training, teachers were inspired to implement innovative and enjoyable learning methods. It turned out many of their students were happier and more engaged, meaning that they could readily understand the content of their lessons. Testimonies from some of the teachers can be found in the Testimonials section on this site.

Partnerships and Looking Forward

TQI Programme is intended to help teachers become professional educators, who have reliable pedagogy skills, and embody positive personality and social characteristics as educators. Teachers are expected to be able to inspire students to strive for higher academic achievements, motivate them to learn and pursue their education, and be able to meet the demands of the future.

The TQI Programme has touched a mere fraction of those who need its help. We actively appeal to new partners who are interested in improving the quality of those who play such an important role in the future of our children and Indonesia. Click here to see how you can help.