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Programmes: Aceh-Nias Projects

Indonesian businesswoman Lily Kasoem was drawn to Aceh province because of the devastation caused by the tsunami in 2004. Entire towns were wiped out and more than half a million people were left displaced. Two years after working tirelessly to help the surviving victims in Aceh she set up the Titian Foundation and decided to go full time onto helping less fortunate communities in Indonesia.

Aceh-Nias Projects - Lamreh

Since our inception we have continued to help the people in Aceh recover and rebuild. Working together with local institutions and the official government body set up in the aftermath of the disaster, BRR NAD-Nias, we were able to make a significant difference in restoring financial activity within the region.

Tsunami and Conflict Widow Programme – food production leads to financial independence

One of the many heartening stories to come out of the terrible circumstances surrounding the 2004 tsunami is that of the Lamreh market traders operating from a building constructed by Soroptimist International, an organisation dedicated to the empowerment of women.

Aceh-Nias Projects - Microfinance

In a partnership with the financial-services group CLSA, we were able to conduct a programme where 134 women from Pidie, Aceh, who lost husbands during the disaster are now financially independent due to a thriving food processing business run from a home industry. We provided the women with entrepreneurship training and continue to provide them an outlet for their products in our Jakarta Gallery, Rumah Cikini.

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