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Here we provide a few words from some of our scholarship students and teachers who have attended the TQI programme. They express the genuine enthusiasm that all those who come into contact with Titian exhibit and illustrate that providing a helping hand can be a rewarding experience for all.

Five years ago I believed that after my completing grade 9, I would go to a vocational school and then go to find work in a factory. However, thanks to Titian, today I’m studying at University of Diponegoro, one of Indonesia’s top universities.

Titian helped me financially with my studies, but more importantly it helped me to become more positive in my outlook, determined to work hard to fulfil my dreams. Now my ambition of becoming a professional Accountant who will someday work in the big four Public Accountant firms seems within reach.

Titian has influenced many children like me living in the small villages around Bayat, central Java. Thanks to Titian we all have courage to speak of our dreams and to create a better future.

I know now that my only limits are those set by me. Everything is possible if I keep trying and make the most of the opportunities presented to me.

Ade Rizky Novitasari

Ade is from our first generation of students and now in the second year of university

After Vocational School (SMK) my parents expected me to work straight away. So, I never really thought of going to go to higher education.

Titian helped me to attend Vocational School and thanks to their support and mentoring activities, I was inspired to work hard and was rewarded with a scholarship to go to the Trisakti School of Management in Jakarta where I’m studying accounting (my favourite subject). The university has a close relationship with the big four accounting firms.

All Titian students are encouraged to dream big dreams and work hard to make them come true. Titian taught me greater self confidence, allowing me to communicate with others and to work better either alone or within a team. It also taught me to be sensitive about what is happening around me, my community and my country.

My main dream at the moment is to become a professional accountant specialising in auditing. I would also like to help Titian to spread out its education activities in different areas so that higher education can be enjoyed by many more children from poor families. I want them to feel the way I feel now!

Susilo Prasetyo

Susilo is from our second generation of students and is in her first year of university.

The TQI Training carried out by Titian Foundation is very distinct when compared to other trainings in which I have been participated. I have been teaching for 21 years and have followed many training programmes. However, this time I was really impressed and gained many insight and great enlightenment.

TQI Training has opened new horizon in learning. It contains lots of knowledge that I have not obtained from any of the previous training. If given another chance, I would like to follow this training again. Move forward Titian!

Bapak Sutomo

SMP (Junior Secondary School) Depok

I don’t know what to say, really, this is astonishing training. I become more patient and more relaxed after following the TQI Training by Titian Foundation. From the pedagogy materials I also gained many new knowledge. We were introduced to many fun learning and teaching methods that I can apply in school.

We also practiced how to implement these new methods. If I may suggest, please give this opportunity to all the teachers in Yogyakarta and throughout Indonesia, so that our teachers become better. TQI’s contribution is, quite simply, enormous. A big salute for Titian.

Ibu Eny Karuniawati

SD (Primary School) Sampangan, Bantul

I think the Indoartamics program is very good because I can get new experiences and ideas about street arts and meet the artists. I hope in the future we can make this as a regular activity and that it is certified so I can use it for my future.


XII Tekstil 1

I like how this programme allows creative ideas beyond limits. I really hope this programme will be a start of something big. This programme respects uniqueness and different kinds of art. It also encouraged good cooperation between the students and the women in Pager Jurang, leading the way to doing the same with other artists.

Putri CS

XI Tekstil 1