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Programmes: Scholarship Programme

In 2008 Titian launched its Scholarship programme, with its first batch of 83 children from SMPN I (National Junior High School) Bayat, Klaten, enabling them to pursue further studies at vocational schools. The Scholarship programme targets underprivileged children who have qualified for further education and is valid for a period of three consecutive years.

To date over 750 children have received scholarships. Because of the ‘ripple’ effects of better education, we estimate that the programme has impacted over 25,000 people in the wider community.

Up to 2013 the value of Titian’s scholarship programme is approximately IDR 6 billion, with another IDR 3.6 billion committed for the next two batches.

Scholarship Programme

The Scholarship entitles its recipients to a one-time joining fee to the vocational school of their choice; three years school fees, books, school uniform and lunch. Close monitoring and an assistance program have also been implemented to ensure that this process goes smoothly. Six individuals have been tasked to perform the dual function of mentor and supervisor to follow the children’s progress during the course of the program. These mentors regularly visit the schools to meet with the teachers, visit the students’ homes to talk with and encourage parents to support their children and hold students’ get-togethers to forge a strong social bond among them as a form of ongoing support and encouragement for these children to reach their dreams

High School Scholarships

The Titian Foundation Scholarship programme takes junior high school graduates who would not normally be able to continue their studies and puts them through high school or vocational school for three years. So successful have many of the students been, that Titian has extended the programme to offer university scholarships, so that those who reach the highest academic standards can continue their studies. Remarkably, many Titian scholarship graduates have such good grades that they qualify for the universities’ own scholarship scheme.

Our foundation seeks to give these children a chance to continue to senior high school. We firmly believe that long term sustainable prosperity in less fortunate rural communities and villages depends on access to higher education and training for the young generation in those communities. We seek to provide this opportunity, and we work tirelessly to communicate with parents to allow their children to continue their education, not stop halfway. Because of this we provide a scholarship program not based purely on academic merit, instead it is granted to capable children who truly wish to remain in school but whose parents cannot afford to pay the fees required for them to proceed to graduation.

At the root of our programme’s success are a number of unique factors:

  • 100% of scholarship fees go where they are intended. Funds do not go to the students’ families but are paid directly to the school.
  • We have a dedicated staff at Bayat who look after the detailed workings of the programme. They provide a focal point and resource centre for students where they can access the Internet, use computers and print out their work.
  • Our monthly assessment and mentoring programme helps develop students’ character outside the academic environment.

To date over 500 children from Bayat Village in Central Java have received scholarships.

University Scholarships

Many of our students have managed to attained scholarships grants from universities through their own effort, however we also provide an opportunity to help fund scholarships for the first year of university year for students that have excelled at school but are unable to afford higher education.

In this programme we highly encourage our students to attain high grades for their first year of university, thus enabling them to receive scholarship grants from the university, or from other sources, so that they may complete their remaining university years.

Partnerships and looking forward

Neither scholarship programme would be possible without the dedication of our partners. The high school scholarship programme is supported by CLSA, ROTA-Vodafone, Bank Mandiri, Barly Foundation, as well as some distinguished individuals.

Our university scholarship programme is supported by Indonesian banks Panin Bank and Bank Mandiri as well as financial services provider Cashmore & Co. Our partners in this effort are more than just sponsors, being notable corporate organisations they are play a vital role in the ongoing mentoring programme that helps develop the students outside their academic studies.

There is still however much we can do with this programme. We actively appeal to new partners that are interested in participating, sponsoring and mentoring students that have demonstrated outstanding academic performance during their school years.

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