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Programmes: Teachers Quality Improvement (TQI)

Crucial to the success of any drive to improve Indonesia’s education system is the quality of its teachers. Titian’s Teacher Quality Improvement (TQI) Programme is designed to bring the latest teaching ideas and techniques into Indonesian classrooms.

Until the end of 2012, 720 teachers and 260 headmasters had benefitted from the TQI Programme in Yogjakarta. A further 360 teachers and 200 headmasters will go through the programme in 2013.

This USD 1.7 million programme will be completed by mid 2014, but we hope to take it to teachers and schools in the other regions of Indonesia.

Teacher Quality Improvement

In 2007 the government recognised this and in that year Titian conducted a teacher training programme entitled ‘Excellence in Teaching and Learning’. In 2010, in partnership with ROTA (a member of the Qatar Foundation), Vodafone and the Ministry of National Education (MONE), Titian took a further step. It developed the Teachers Quality Improvement (TQI) programme.

The direct beneficiaries of the TQI programme are elementary and junior high schools’ teachers in Yogyakarta and Klaten. The programme targets around 30 teachers per batch and includes post-training assistance to 200 school principals and 60 MONE trainers. The programme lasts for four years until 2014 with 12 batches of teachers trained each year. The result will be that at least 72,000 students receive higher quality teaching.

The target is to deliver more than 500 teachers and principals a year over the four years of the programme. The expected outcome of the TQI programme is to deliver and sustain quality education to enhance the quality of human resources in Indonesia. Testimonials from some of the teachers can be found elsewhere on this site.

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