About Titian’s Guiding Principles

Attention to Detail.

To bring hope, confidence, and better living standards to less fortunate Indonesians through education, knowledge and skills, thereby ensuring their growth and protecting their heritage.

The way Titian runs its programmes is characterised by care, attention to detail and sustainability. Titian’s signature project management approach emphasises quality over quantity. This means we are able to trace every beneficiary from any of our programmes. We know with certainty the impact we have; both directly on the beneficiary and indirectly through all those others who are associated with them.

Titian spends extra time recruiting the right students, community members and teachers, and providing them with the nurturing and support they need to ensure they make the most of the opportunities they are given.

All Scholarship students receive special lessons in life skills as well as counselling throughout their three years. For the Scholarship Programme Titian has created a Titian alumni for graduates to keep in touch and provide encouragement and mentoring for current students.

Titian follows-up and monitors the operation and results of all its programmes in great detail to ensure donors get the best possible return on their investment.

Despite the intensity of this approach, Titian achieves a cost efficiency ratio of under 15%—significantly below that of our international counterparts.

Titian understands that educating youngsters brings greater wealth in the long term. Communities that are engaged in entrepreneurial ventures are self-sustaining. Budding entrepreneurs employ more people and create greater wealth.

The Key to Everything Titian Does is Sustainability.