Learning by Experiencing

In this era, classic classroom-based learning methods still hold strong value, but various new challenges brought about by technological advancements remind us to continually balance it with experiential learning outside the classroom. Titian recognizes that experiential learning is equally important as theoretical learning within the classroom. Equipping students with life skills is crucial to prepare them in facing the real world. Experiential learning also plays a vital role in personal and interpersonal development. By immersing themselves in experiences, teenagers gain a better understanding of their own strengths, enabling them to make sharper and more informed decisions.

Generation 3 Outing: Experiential Camp

Outing is one of the activities joined by Titian Foundation scholarship students aimed at exploring new experiences outside, allowing them to interact within the community, providing opportunities and freedom for them to connect with the environment, develop self-confidence and creativity, and cultivate their sense of togetherness. This opportunity is very special: outing activities are conducted only once per generation during their active scholarship period with Titian. Of course, it is done to add more experiential learning.

On July 30, 2023, Generation 3 Titian from Pemenang, Lombok, conducted an outing activity at a camp in Sekotong for 2 days with a diverse range of activities. The concept of this event left a deep impression on Titian’s scholarship students as they approached the end of their school years. They gained new experiences and insights about the outside world by interacting with the local community, learning and playing together using experiential learning methods, and sharing their dreams and futures. Two days may be a short time, but with their togetherness, they created an unforgettable atmosphere that they were reluctant to leave. Through the outing activity, they filled each other’s hearts with enthusiasm and new perspectives.

Diving Deeper into Experiential Learning

Training the trainers. In Bayat, also in July 2023, Titian’s scholarship students conducted a three-day Training for Trainers (TFT) activity. We invited speakers from Yogyakarta who are actively involved in various development programmes based on experiential learning methods to become facilitators. The scholarship students explored and learned the definition of experiential learning, its basic concepts, and how to use it in Sunday Gathering activities—an activity that all Titianers must participate in to develop themselves. They were encouraged to practice various experiential learning techniques. Titian Bayat facilitators also shared new knowledge with them about committee management, finance, and media.

We have a series of activities that can continually enhance the abilities of our scholarship students in the Titian Scholarship Programme (bold section linked to the page, preparing them to face personal and professional challenges they may encounter. This is especially important for our scholarship students who come from rural areas, where they may face significant cultural differences in their future careers. Therefore, learning by experiencing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways and the main preparation for them to face the world and its complexities.