ROTA Attends the Last Day of Training for Titian’s TQI Programme

ROTA TQI Programme

Abdulla F. Al-Abdulla – ROTA Director of Quality, Impact & Strategy – managed to spare time between training sessions he conducted for Titian’s staff to attend the closing session of the last TQI (Teacher Quality Improvement) training session in Yogyakarta. The programme was funded by ROTA.

ROTA (Reach Out To Asia – a member of Qatar Foundation), has been a long-time partner of Titian. Since TQI was rolled-out in 2010, nearly 1,800 teachers have benefited from this programme. Our TQI programme aims to improve the quality of the teachers’ social, personality and pedagogy competencies. It explores the original motives of the teachers – why they wanted to be a teacher in the first place – and later invigorates the teachers’ passion for teaching by introducing more engaging ways of teaching. The aim is to transform their teaching approach and therefore improve the learning experience of their students.

Teachers are an integral part of our educational system. Please contact us to discuss how we can continue to improve our children’s learning experience through such programmes in the future.