Taking a Back Seat

Nick Cashmore

After 4 years, Nick Cashmore – Titian Board Member and Treasurer – has decided to take a back seat. As a new father, Nick wants to re-align his priorities and that means relinquishing his position as Treasurer at Titian Foundation.

Nick has always been at the forefront of making sure that Titian’s programme objectives are met and as Treasurer, safeguarding every cent donors have given to Titian, ensuring they are spent as intended and are able to sustain the organization for the long haul.

Education is the apple of his eye. He fought hard when he was the Country Head for CLSA Indonesia – Asia’s largest independent stockbroker – to secure donations valued at US$ 400K, giving more than 300 students the opportunity to continue their education for another three years at senior secondary school. He would make time to attend the annual send-off celebration with the same proud feeling that many parents would have. He is also one of major contributors in the building of our CLC in Bayat, Klaten and continually donating to Titian, both personally and through his company Cashmore+Co.

Wuddy Warsono will now carry the torch. He is also a Titian donor and has been a strong advocate for Titian causes, diligently promoting Titian to his network and being deeply involved in mentoring his sponsored students. Titian warmly welcomes Wuddy as part of the team to lead Titian further forward.