How Do Titian Programmes Contribute to the SDGs Goals?

Sustainable Development Goals

When Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) completed its agenda in 2015, the world leaders established more ambitious agenda post 2015, called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that aimed to encourage changes towards sustainability based on human rights and equity development in social, economic and the environment.

Philanthropic organizations such as Titian Foundation (Titian) are partners with the Government because of the potential and resources that can help push us to achieve the SDGs Goals.

Among the 17 SDGs Goals, it is safe to say that Titian contributes to the Fourth Goal of Quality Education. Increasing the gross participation rate in secondary and higher education and in formal and non-formal education and training through scholarship and capacity building are the SDGs Indicators that Titian can identify with.

Up to current year intake 2017/2018 of Gen 10, the total of Titian scholarship recipients reached 815 beneficiaries. Compared to other similar NGOs, our output is less grand, but does this mean Titian should change its way of doing things? Not necessarily. Yes, we put children to school. But, is it enough to create sustainability? The age group that Titian supports is the identity-crisis years (ages 16-18). More often than not they lack role models, and our students therefore turn more to our facilitators rather than to their parents for advice and guidance. Our alumni admitted that it was mentoring and capacity building that Titian offers in its Scholarship Programme that was actually the most useful in shaping their personality and to greater extent, their future. During Grade 12, we start to advocate students to pursue higher education and offer bimbel (tutorial sessions) to elevate their chances of entering state universities and gaining a scholarship. Students who opt to go straight into the workforce, also have a higher chance of getting into formal or supervisory-level jobs, as they are more confident and assertive individuals. Improvements in employment opportunities will have a positive impact on the economic conditions of families and communities around them.