SMKN 1 Rota Bayat – The School Year Opening – July 12, 2009

Mrs. Lily Kasoem's Speech

After ten months of construction process, SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat has successfully started its first school year of 2009/2010. To acknowledge this special moment, an opening ceremony was taken place on Sunday July 12th, 2009 at the school’s Open Hall.

Batik Display

Chaired by Mr. Sunardi – the head of National Education Office Klaten Regency, the event was attended by Mrs. Lily Kasoem – the founder of Titian Foundation, Drs. Sulistyohadi – the headmaster of SMKN 1 Rota Bayat, Prof. Chitaru Kawasaki – a ceramic expert from Kyoto Seica University of Japan who is also Ceramic Department’s consultant, Achmad Su’udi, S.Pd., MSn. – an education professional who is also the consultant of Textile Department, Batik Expert and Professional, school committee, Titianers, government officials and community leaders.

Mrs. Lily Kasoem, on her speech, emphasized the importance of education for young generation. She mentioned that a good quality of education will determine the future of the nation. Titian Foundation as the facilitator of ROTA has committed to support the sustainability of good quality education for SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat, the software as well as the hardware. Ceramic/Textile skills together with advanced English and computer/IT knowledge should be assured in this school. On the 12th grade, the students will be nurtured with entrepreneurship skills, so that they will have sufficient knowledge about entrepreneurship by the time they are graduated from school.

The Opening Dance

The involvement of local government especially National Education Office of Klaten Regency to support the school with qualified teachers and school staffs is highly essential. Every element has to join forces with the spirit that the school will graduate competence individuals who possess an entrepreneurship skill so that they are able to create job opportunities instead of becoming job seekers.

Meanwhile, Drs. Sulistyohadi, the head master, stated his enthusiasm for the upcoming school year. 128 students have been accepted out of 300 applicants. These students are divided into 2 classes of Textile Department and 2 classes of Ceramics Department.

This school year opening is served as the soft-opening ceremony. An official grand opening is scheduled to take place in October 2009. ROTA executives and high- rank officials from National Education Ministry are expected to attend and inaugurate the school.