Gemawang Community Learning Center (CLC)

Gemawang CLC Opening

The Titian Foundation once again proved its consistent and strong commitment towards education for all in Indonesia. The Titian Foundation has Community Learning Center (CLC) located in Gemawang Village, Semarang Regency – Central Java, around 45 minutes drive from Semarang. The CLC Gemawang consists of two classes, a commercial gallery and a computer learning center equipped with 11 computers, LCD and projectors, and a collection of books for its library. This project aims to enhance knowledge and skills of the villagers and as means of community learning.

Commercial gallery is a shop intended for fostering community’s entrepreneurship through promotion of local products by small scale business units operated and managed by Gemawang community. On 29th March 2011 Titian Foundation handed over the Gemawang CLC to the local government. The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Mundjirin – as Semarang Regent, Mrs. Hj. Bintang Narsasi Mundjirin – as Chairman of PKK Semarang, who is also the wife of Mr. Mundjirin, Mr. Bambang Sugoro – as Head of Gemawang Village, Ms. Anita – as Titian Foundation representative, staff of local government and communities. The opening of Gemawang CLC or “Rumah Pintar” was officially performed by Mrs. Hj. Bintang Narsasi Mundjirin, as part of a program launched by Mrs. Ani Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to empower and enhance capacity of the community. Gemawang CLC or “Rumah Pintar” managed by the Head of Gemawang Village, Mr. Bambang Sugoro.