Great Progress with Titian’s Teacher Quality Improvement (TQI) Programme

Smiling headmasters
Smiling faces reflect headmasters’ enthusiasm at the TQI workshop which remained high right the way through to the last day of training.

In July 2014, Titian’s Teacher Quality Improvement program (TQI) entered its fourth year of implementation having achieved all its major objectives in year three.

The programme includes modules for both headmasters and teachers. The success of the headmasters’ workshop meant that the process of socialization has also been made easier. Two weeks after the headmasters workshop, facilitators visited the schools to disemminate detailed information about TQI programme. It took facilitators two months to visit the 117 schools to undertake socialization. What they found was that the headmasters were still enthusiastic about the programme, so much so that they were willing to support the socialization process by providing projectors and sound systems. Even better, twenty five new schools decided to participate in the programme. Teachers from these twenty five new schools will participate in TQI training.

TQI’s first training in 2012 started in October 2012 with two batches running in parallel. Overall, during the third year, TQI has implemented 14 batches with 451 a total of trainees. These trainees came from 178 schools, elementary and middle schools, from the areas of Klaten regency and Special Province of Yogyakarta. After being trained teachers are assisted for three months, with 329 teachers receiving assistance between October last year and June 2013.

In the picture, two facilitators lead a group discussion session giving details of the TQI programme, running an excercise to open their minds to new ideas entitled “A dream school vision and mission.”

In the session, the facilitators also helped them to develop a strategic plan related to their participation in TQI programme including the names and numbers of the teachers that will participate in the TQI training in future.